About Us

Hello and welcome to This Old Porch.

This Old Porch will always be filled with home accessories and furniture that I have either lovingly sourced or creatively made from old porch ‘junk’

Home decor always creates a personal atmosphere in any place in any room and makes your home your home.

I aim to break the boundaries by mixing traditional with vintage, industrial and new by using and showcasing collectables, florals, textiles, plants old, new and modern.

I mix rustic with chic and shabby with new and I aim to bring it all together and create a welcoming front porch for you all.

Thank you for stopping by and joining me for a few moments on ‘This Old Porch’ I hope you have found something wonderful for your home and I hope that each time you look at your new purchase it transports you to sit beside me on ‘THIS OLD PORCH’

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